UNITWIN Arts Education research

for Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development



Wednesday, 2.5.18

17:00 Registration

19:00 Welcome Address

Keynote: Intangible Cultural Heritage. A Challenge to Aesthetic and Cultural Education
Christoph Wulf (First Vice President German Commission for UNESCO)

Thursday, 3.5.18

9:00 Warm Up „Body & Voice“

9:30 Speaker Program I (Host: Lisa Unterberg)

11:00 Coffeebreak

11:30 Speaker Program II (Host: Juliane Engel)

13:00 Lunchbreak

14:00-17:30 field trip „Tradition and Transformation in Nuremberg“

  • 1) Commemorative Culture in the Age of Globalization and (Post-)Migration?!
    Dokumentationszentrum Reichsparteitagsgelände/Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds
  • 2) Museum education in times of  flight and (post)migration
    Germanisches Nationalmuseum & Kunst- und Kulturpädagogisches Zentrum (KPZ) der Museen in Nürnberg
  • 3) The Concept of Socio Culture – Processes of Tradition and Transformation
    Amt für Kultur und Freizeit
  • 4) K4 – From the Künstlerhaus to the KOMM and back
    Künstlerhaus & KunstKulturQuartier der Stadt Nürnberg


18:00 Summary of the Day

19:00 Dinner & Networking

Friday, 4.5.18

9:00 Warm Up „Body & Voice“

9:30 Speaker Program III (Host: Anna Carnap)

  • Catarina S. Martins (Portugal): The chameleonic citizen of the future: arts education in the neoliberal society
  • Carla Maier, Elise von Bernstorff (Germany): Transcultural Aesthetic Practices in the Classroom: Sounds, Spaces, Bodies
  • Twardzik Ching Chor Leng (Singapore): Let’s Chat

11:00 Coffeebreak

11:30 Speaker Program IV (Host: Viktoria Flasche)

13:00 Lunchbreak

14:00 New Perspectives – Panel & Discussion (Host: Ernst Wagner)

  • Shifra Shonmann (Israel)
  • Chee Hoo Lum (Singapore)
  • Ben Bolden (Canada)
  • Benjamin Jörissen (Germany)

15:30 Farewell