Members & Partners

The UNITWIN Programme „Arts Education Research for Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development“ is an Arts Education Research Think Tank. It brings together arts education researchers from various universities and institutions all around the world. Our goal is to promote high quality international research in arts education with the focus on questions of diversity and sustainable development.

UNITWIN is a forum for the dissemination of research, the promotion of debates around quality research and the showcasing of exemplary practices.

In the network we establish collaborative research projects linked with UNESCO’s goal of Sustainable Development and with regard to the question of the implementation of UNESCO’s  “Seoul Agenda: Goals for the development of arts education”.

Signatory Members


University of Melbourne

Associate Professor Neryl Jeanneret


Queen’s University

Associate Professor Benjamin Bolden

Fundación Universitaria
Juan N. Corpas and
Distrital University in Bogotá
Dra Gloria P. Zapata

(FAU) Erlangen-Nürnberg

Professor Benjamin Jörissen

Hong Kong

The Education University
of Hong Kong

Professor LEUNG, Bo-Wah


More information to come!


Korea Arts & Culture
Education Service (KACES)

Hee Gyung Chang



National Institute of
Education (NIE)

Associate Professor Chee-Hoo LUM


More information to come!

Associate Members


University of Education, Winneba

Professor Partrique deGraft-Yankson


The Co-operative University of Kenya

Professor Emily Achieng’ Akuno

New Zealand

University of Auckland

Associate Professor Ralph Buck

South Africa

University of Pretoria

Professor Avita Sooful


National University of Taiwan

Professor Lin Mei-Chun

Honorary Lifetime Members

Eckart Liebau (Germany)

Larry O’Farrell (Canada)

Shifra Schonmann (Israel)

Susan Wright (Australia)

Ernst Wagner (Germany)

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