Korea Arts & Culture Education Service (KACES)

KACES, founded in 2005, is a public agency under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea. It was first established in accordance with the Support for Arts and Culture Education Act. Through systematic and comprehensive support for arts and cultural education, KACES aims to create an environment where all Koreans are able to receive artistic experience in their daily lives. It also endeavors to open up opportunities for creative activities and vibrant cultural life for the welfare of Korean citizens.

KACES expands the value of arts education at the international level through networks around the globe and explores visions and prospects for arts education by sharing knowledge and practices through global partnerships. Following the success of the UNESCO World Conference on Arts Education in 2010, co-hosted by UNESCO and the Korean government, the ›Seoul Agenda: Goals for the Development of Arts Education. was adopted by UNESCO as the most notable outcome and UNESCO proclaimed the fourth week of May as International Arts Education Week in 2011. Korea celebrates the week event annually as its leading country.

As a member of UNESCO UNITWIN and the UNESCO Network of Arts Education Observatories in the Asia Pacific region, KACES is actively participating in various international networks to pursue research and other collaborative efforts. As a leading organization in arts advocacy, KACES will host the 5th International Teaching Artist Conference (ITAC) and the UNESCO-UNITWIN conference in 2020 while continuing to galvanize arts organizations, researchers, current and aspiring leaders, and individual practitioners from around the world.

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Jahyun Kim
Educational Affairs Division
Korea Arts & Culture Education Service (KACES)
Email: jhkim@arte.or.kr
Hyejin Yang
Program coordinator
International Affairs Team
Korea Arts & Culture Education Service (KACES)
76 Sangamsan-ro
YTN Newsquare 11 and 12Floors,
Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea, 03926
Korea Arts & Culture Education Service
Email: hyejinyang@arte.or.kr
Ms. Kim joined the Korea Arts & Culture Education Service (KACES) – a public body within the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea- in 2005, its founding year. Since 2011, she has been in charge of its international exchange projects as an active member of the public sector of arts education in South Korea. She currently oversees the research part, evaluation, public/international relations and the training programs at KACES. She holds a bachelor’s degree in special education and master’s in socio-cultural policy and administration. She was involved in the 2nd World Conference on Arts Education, Seoul Agenda, and International Arts Education Week. She hopes that this opportunity serves as a platform to support interactive exchanges of international partners. Hyejin Yang is a program coordinator for the International Affairs Team of the Korea Arts and Culture Education Service (KACES), a public body within the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea. She has experience in various collaborative projects and events in arts education through international exchange. She believes in the value and impact of the arts and creative engagement and interested in sustainable growth of not only community but that of individual. She holds a bachelor’s degree in language and culture, a master’s in international area studies with a specialty in American studies. She spent her youth as a member of the City Boys & Girls Choir of Changwon. She doesn’t sing officially on the stage anymore but still enjoys capturing some invisible music score from random sound in her everyday surroundings. She strongly advocates for the arts as a person who learnt by experience how arts can make our lives more pleasurable.