UNITWIN Arts Education research

for Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development




University of Melbourne

The UNITWIN/Melbourne UNESCO Observatory of Arts Education sits under the umbrella of studioFive in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education at the University of Melbourne.  Established in 2006, it is part of a region-wide network of Observatories stemming from the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Action Plan. In March, 2017, the network of Observatories joined the UNESCO Paris International Network for Arts Education Research for Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development (UNITWIN).
The Melbourne UNESCO Observatory of Arts Education focuses on research, cultural diversity and sustainable development through the arts. Members of the Observatory currently include academic staff within the Melbourne Graduate School of Education’s Arts Education group, who teach, research, publish and collaborate with the community in arts-based and arts-led endeavours. The Observatory hosts an events program, international exchange programs, internships and work-integrated learning in, through and across arts education. The Observatory also publishes  The Journal of Artistic and Creative Education and is affiliated with the e-journal of Multidisciplinary Arts.

The University of Melbourne was stablished in 1853 and is a public-spirited institution that makes distinctive contributions to society in research, learning and teaching and engagement.

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Neryl Jeanneret, PhD
Associate Professor, Music Education
Leader, Artistic and Creative Education
Co-ordinator, UNITWIN Arts Education Research for Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development
Co-Director, UNESCO Observatory for the Arts
Melbourne Graduate School of Education
The University of Melbourne, Victoria Australia
Email: nerylj@unimelb.edu.au
Websites: education.unimelb.edu.au | facebook.com/Music-Education-At-Melbourne-121801714542789/
Kathryn Coleman, PhD
Senior Lecturer in Visual Arts and Design Education
Co-Director, UNESCO Observatory for the ArtsMelbourne Graduate School of Education
The University of Melbourne, Victoria Australia
Email: kathryn.coleman@unimelb.edu.au
Associate Professor Neryl Jeanneret is the Leader of the Artistic and Creative Education cognate group and Music Education in the Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne. Her research focusses on engagement in classroom and non-school settings, teacher education in the arts, artists working with children and young people, and Creative Education as a general capability. She has held leadership positions in peak music education organisations, including President of the Australian Society for Music Education and Chair of the International Society for Music Education’s Policy Commission. She has a background in curriculum policy design for music, having served as an adviser to the NSW Department of Education, the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW, the DET, Victoria and the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. Her most recent work in policy development was the Quality Framework for Music Education for Victorian schools. She is a Fellow of the Australian Society of Music Education, a recipient of the MGSE 2013 Engagement Award and currently the co-director of the Melbourne UNESCO Arts Education Observatory. Dr Kathryn Coleman is Co-Convenor of the Art Education Practice Special Interest Group for AARE the national professional association of educational researchers in Australia, World Council Representative for the South-East Asia Pacific Region for the International Society for Education though Art (InSEA) and the Australasian representative on the Board of Directors of Association of Authentic, Experiential and Evidence Based Learning (AAEEBL). Her work focuses on the integration of digital pedagogies and digital portfolios for sustained creative practice and assessment. Kate’s praxis includes taking aspects of her theoretical and practical work as a/r/tographer to consider how practitioners, teachers and students use site to create place in the digital and physical. Her PhD was the first fully online thesis as digital portfolio submitted at The University of Melbourne, where Kate is a lecturer in Visual Arts and Design Teacher Secondary Education at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.