UNITWIN Arts Education research

for Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development



Centre for Arts Research in Education (CARE)

National Institute of Education (NIE)


The Singapore member is the UNESCO-NIE Centre for Arts Research in Education (CARE) Singapore. CARE is a clearing-house of research on the instrumental benefits of arts in education in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region. Established in 2008, it is part of a region-wide network of Observatories stemming from the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Action Plan. These Observatories are tasked to collect, analyze, repackage and disseminate research about arts education in a web-accessible manner. This body of evidence about the value of arts in education is used to support advocacy efforts for mainstreaming the arts in Asian education.

The National Institute of Education, with its institutional credibility and well-established research and education operations, has been chosen to partner with UNESCO in achieving these objectives.


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Associate Professor Chee-Hoo LUM
Head, UNESCO NIE (National Institute of Education, Singapore) CARE (Centre for Arts Research in Education)
Visual & Performing Arts Academic Group
National Institute of Education
1 Nanyang Walk
Singapore 637616
Email: cheehoo.lum@nie.edu.sg